Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I stopped avoiding the "BIG CHOP!" lol

So I have been natural (natural as in no relaxer/perm) for almost two years now. For a while I was rockin the mohawk look w/ my natural hair but then I had decided I wanted my hair on the sides to grow out and catch up w/ the hair in the middle of my head. No matter how well I took care of my hair my ends were still coming off, split ends were abundant and I was seeing no growth on the sides of my head. The middl part of my hair was sprouting like crazy though.

I was just tired playing this false "hair growth catch up" game so I took a deep breath and said to myself "I need to cut my hair. I need to start completely over." One of the main reasons I didn't want to cut my hair was b/c I was too attached to the length of my hair in the middle of my head from my mohawk. I also feared of not looking feminine enough. But I knew if I ever wanted a luscious long and curly lion's mane I needed to start over and get the BIG CHOP.

I finally made an appointment w/ my aunt's beautician (she works within her house). I was actually excited sitting there waiting for her to cut it. Even when I saw the hair hitting the floor I was ok. No tears and not shocked in the least. It wasn't until I looked into a mirror that I realized how much of a change it was. It was a rush of emotions. I was happy and thought it was cool and then I kept questioning myself on why I had done what I done.

At the end of the day I'm glad I went through w/ it b/c now I don't have crazy uneven hair and there are no split ends to be found. My head also felt a lot cooler while outside lol.

Now this doesn't mean I'm letting go of the wigs lol. I will still use them as a style protectant for my ends and just if I want to have a different look. The wigs will also come in handy when winter rolls around. Can't have the cold winds and snow hitting my scalp xP.

Enough of this blabbering and on to the pics!

my bald gal-ness lol

Now I really have to keep my brows and acne in check. Can't hide nothing w/ a hairstyle like this v.v

I also need to invest into some big earrings >w<

Oh and for those wondering about my hair type I guess it would be a mix of 4A and 4B
if you don't know what those number and letters stand for just click here

I will keep you all updated on my hair growth every month...or at least I'll try to lol I tend to forget to post things sometimes. The day my hair reaches an inch all over I cry.....when I see two inches I'll cry and die lol Too excited for this dream hair XD


  1. OMG, I LOVE IT!!! XD Congratz on your big chop, Im gonna be one year natural next month. I look forward to seeing your hair progress & talk about my hair on my blog too so you can see how short mine used to be if you want LOL.

  2. Your very brave!!

    I hope your new journey turns out to be all you hoped for you locks and more..:)

  3. wow! i love it! it looks great on you! i wish you luck with your hair growth! ah~ i remember it was such a hard decision to start all over. you're brave! you are lucky you have a great face shape for short hair like that!

  4. @Shantoria: Thank you! It was a very big step for me. I will most definitely check out your blog! I love hearing about others hair journey's.

    @Emora: Thank you so much! -fingers crossed- lol

    @Ari Roma: Thank you bunches! lol I feel brave lol. I was afraid I'd have an odd shaped head but so far it's too weird looking lol >w<