Sunday, August 21, 2011

A lot going on! (lengthy)

Last week (not the week that just passed) I had a birthday and there was also an anime con going on. I was extremely excited about the con in particular b/c my boyfriend that I haven't seen in two months was coming down to visit me! He only stayed the three days during the con. I didn't want him to leave and neither did he. It was very emotional and I want to see him again so bad T.T. Hopefully sometime soon. He's at another con this weekend on Saturday night dj-ing his first set at the rave! Good luck bebe!!! <3 <3 <3

The con that happened here however sucked in my opinion and it was only good b/c of certain people there. I will admit it's due to being a small con w/ limited things to do so hopefully the con will keep growing. While there I felt the need to cosplay really bad and actually finally compete in a masquerade. I plan to compete in the upcoming con here called Anime St. Louis (which is in April 2012). This wil give me time to finish my new cosplays. I've never competed before b/c I'm super shy, I have stage fright and I always think I'm not good enough. But I'm throwing out my old thinking and I'm gonna take a chance at it! >8D 私に幸運を祈ります

Also while at the con my good friend and 妹 (little sister) Yuka pon had a concert at the con and asked me and a few other girls perform w/ her as back up dancers. It was only for one song and the moves were easy to learn with in an hour. We had a technical problems w/ her mic b/c the original sound check guy ditched us and left us w/ some guy who didn't know what he was doing. Yuka's mom was there and she was extremely pissed b/c of that. When I saw Yuka's mom she ran up to me (yes ran lol) and said "Heeeeyyy!! Nami! So glad to see you again!" I was surprised she remembered my name b/c we've only met once or twice before >w< I wish I had someone record or take pics of this event for me but my cam didn't have batteries T.T BUT I found one pic of me in the background! lol lol


Now besides all that I have been desperately trying to go back to school in Chicago. Me and my dad finally went up there wednesday and thursday and talked to a few people at the school. I finally got the hold I had on my account taken off and I finally got my classes! WOOHOO! BUT!... Since I didn't do good at all last semester my gpa was hella low! Like I've never had it that low ever in my life and so if I don't bring it up by the end of this fall semester I could be kicked out of the school! I do not want that to happen! I have a plan, a dream! And I need my degree and skills to do that! So basically I gotta make all A's or B's this semester XD I gotta push myself like I never have before. I'm going to do it b/c I want to get out of this funk I put myself in. No more fuckin around! Though I have my classes my return to the school is still not guaranteed b/c I have to find a place to stay! The dorm are waaaaaayyyy to expensive. So right now I'm looking at rooms for rent or apartment that are cheap. -sigh- Every time I fix one thing another problem arises! Life as I know it. But I don't let this get me down, all I can do is move forward.

ALSO!...I now have a Twitter! I had told myself I would never get one I haz one. Follow me yeah!!/NamiGlamRock

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