Wednesday, August 10, 2011

About my b-day & pics

My 21st birthday was yesterday and I didn't post then b/c I was busy for the second half of the day and stayed out really late lol Too tired to post when I came back home. The first half of the day I was a sleep lol.

I didn't have a party b/c I hadn't planned on one so trying to get people together in one day was kinda hard. So I just decided to have a small get together. I had planned on just hanging with my two good friends Lori and Aurora but my friend Rodney wanted to come along too. We all went to Bubble Tea and then went to a bar and did karaoke. I had a really fun time doing karaoke w/ them. I will admit I was a little tipsy singing b/c Aurora bought me a drink and then Rodney gave me two more! We were all acting crazy and dancing and then everyone around us was started dancing too. It was fun and I had a good time. I really appreciate them for spending time with me on such short notice.

Though before I went out w/ my friends hat night my parents took me out to dinner and that was really nice as well. I wish I had gotten more food and saved it b/c I hungry later on that night lol.

The only things that didn't go as I would have liked was I didn't get any sort of cake or cupcake!!! I get one every year! But not this time......I still want a cupcake at least...IMMA GET IT IF IT KILLS ME! Also remember in my last post how I was going to get a new phone?...well that went down the drain. I talked to my mom about it today and she is still game for it but talk is cheap to me lol My parents love to promise things and then it never goes through. I already know I'm going to be w/ out a phone for a while -sigh- I really hope I get it soon. I want it more than the cupcake lol lol

Now on to my pic's:


  1. Happy Birthday!

    looking gorgeous btw. ♥

  2. Oh my gosh you are beautiful! I love your eye make and your hair <3
    Happy Birthday btw ^^

  3. LOL i bet you were a drunk sexy mess @ karaoke mama!!! im glad you went out too!!
    i wish i could make you a fresh batch of brownies & give you the spoon like dorm days<3 <3
    girl you trying to get a phone, im trying to get lenses!!! lmao jesusssssssssss!

  4. Happy Birthday ~~!!
    Soo beautiful ^^ I hope you'll get your cupcake and your phone ? or even better, a cupcake phone XD

  5. im a new follower!
    i really like your blog and your pictures♥
    if you want you can also look at my blog!
    i would be happy (><)
    have a nice day~♥

  6. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and compliments! I appreciate it a lot and you all are beautiful! ^.^

    @Tomo: I didn't get as drunk as I would like lol but I did have a few drinks and I didn't feel guilty doing it either! >8D Brownie mix sounds so good right now >w<

    @みえーちゃん: Hey hey! thanks for following! I will be sure to follow back! ^.^