Friday, October 4, 2013

Another face piercing! quick post

On the Monday that just passed me, my boyfriend and my roomie Tomo all went to go get pierced up lol.

Tomo got a Medusa, my bf got snake bites and I got labret. BUT I noticed how low mine was and I think it's actually called a "lowbret."

And here it "lowbret" lol

right now it is bothersome b/c it's super swollen on the inside and you can't even tell by the outside appearance.
I never planned on getting a lip piercing. I was going to stop at just the eyebrow but I think this will be my last facial piercing....yeah.....i'm good on that lol >w<


  1. That's a cute spot for a piercing

  2. That looks adorable, but I hope it heals soon! I always wanted to get that same piercing, but I don't think my job would like that. Luckily, I have plans for other not as easily visible piercings in the future. XD

    Thanks for sharing!