Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New hair ventures

So most of you may know that I went natural a couple years ago. I have been rocking my little fro and wigs lol. But now I want something else...something I haven't had. I want to get Senegalese twists! I want to get them for the winter. My only problem is that my hair on the sides and back of my head is kinda short and needs more time to grow. Hopefully by December at least it will be long enough to twist. >w<

I know with any type of twists or braids most people would suggest to me doing b-gal and how perfect it would be for that. And they are right it would look nice with it but b-gal isn't my thiinnngg. It's fun to do every now and then but not my staple style. I'm gonna rock those twists with my oneegyaru look! >8D

For those who don't know what Senegalese twists are here are some reference pics I found through google and tumblr.

I'm sooooooo in love with these twists! *0*  df,jhgeklrsufbgaelrhdbeg I NEEDS THEEEMMMM!!

but yeah...tis what I want and tis what I shall have! >8D


  1. I've always liked those twist! They're very cute and there are many styles you can achieve with that look. It'll look awesome with your oneegyaru style! Be sure to post pictures when you do. :)

  2. My sister just gave me some basic two strand twists 2 weeks ago but since my hair doesn`t like to hold shit and I wouldn`t have time to make smaller ones I thought about these. What have you been using on your hair as of lately?