Saturday, August 17, 2013

I suck at blogging

Every time I think I got a handle on this I do a complete 360 and forget lol. Most of you that follow me are on my friends list on Facebook or follow me on tumblr anyway. But like before I do want to blog more. So I'm going to start now.

A quick run through thats happened so far.

1.) started summer classes. They are going ok but financial aid is being a bitch like always.

2.) I went to Mayhem Festival for the first time. I saw a lot of cool bands such as Rob Zombie (he was fucking amazing), Born Of Osiris, Machine Head, Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom and Motionless In White. Once again though I missed Motionless In White's set but I got to see them at their signing and I got a poster with their signatures. One day I will see live!! T.T

                     Me and the bf <3                                           Me, Sam and Greg

                                                              Me and Tomo

                                random vids me and Sam did before we left for Mayhem lol lol lol

3.) My bf invited me, Tomo, Tomo's bf Dril and Sam to spend the weekend at his moms second house in Michigan City. It's a beach house! We all had really good time getting drunk, getting in the hot tub and of course hanging out at the beach! I hope we all can do it again before they go back to school in the fall.

                                          video I took on instagram of us walking back to the car.

                  Sam fuckin around in the sand lol chuu <3

                   Me and Blake's feet lol                                   Dril and Tomo off in the distance lol

4.) Last but never least...MY BIRTHDAY!! It was August 9th and I am 23 years old now! Before I was dreading turning 23 but to be honest it doesn't bother me anymore. I bask in it lol
Basically what was my b-day landed on a Fiday but most of my friends had things already going on and I didn't really plan a party or anything. So I spent the whole day with my husbando. Whether I had a party or not I'm glad I got to spend all day with him. Love you Blake-ums! <3 hehe. But no party was had.....Saturday was when things got ratchet lol I went the Karaoke lounge and met with some friends and then walked around boys town. We were going to go to a club but it was more expensive than we thought so thats when just walked around and talked to random gay men and drag queens. I had a blast lol.

                                             The cake Tomo made me! It says Nami lol

     I wish I took a full body shot of my dress. I don't be thinking lol

                                                      Sam werkin it lol

                                                        we were drinking in the ally lol
super fuckin drunk at this point lol we still in the damn ally too lol lol
A lot more stuff happened but I did not want to take pics of that. It's ratchet enough that we were drinking 40's in the ally lol lol 

So yeah.....this stuff happened lol. So until next time lovelies!

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