Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update and some new stuffs

Hey hey all! I'm still here lol. I should make an announcement now that I don't post as often mainly b/c of school and simply there isn't anything to exciting happening in my life right now.

Besides me writing papers for class and dealing w/ difficult teachers (just one teacher in particular) I'm really excited about the upcoming anime conventions. I'm in the process of making two new cosplays and I'm hoping to get them done w/ in like...8 or 9 weeks lol. I should of started doing them months ago but alas my procrastination wins again. I'm hoping to enter in my first cosplay contest as well! So yeah cosplay is on the mind right now.

The new things that I have are; a new wig, eyeshadow and my very first face primer (this I needed badly)!

I will take a better pic of my new wig soon but for now this is all I have to show you all >w< I'm actually somewhat regretting this wig now only b/c it's already trying to nap up on me! uuugghhh synthetic wigs make me so angry sometimes. I would get a human hair wig if they didn't cost 70 to 80 bucks T.T Too broke for that.

My very first Naked eyeshadow palette! My mom was on a shopping spree and got this for me. I'm surprised she got this for me. It was very unexpected but I'm very grateful for her getting it.

uuugghhh I need some better looking nails.

The little primer potion for the eyes. I have a larger bottle of this as well.

My mom also got this for me. This right here is like magic! My foundation would always make me a shade darker but when using this it matches my skin almost perfect! *3* I'm also a big fan of Too Faced products!

Tis all for now. Hopefully my next post will be a little more interesting and won't be so long from now >w<.


  1. Naakeed *O* I'm crazy for one of those u.u
    You look so beautiful <3
    ( your blog play list is the BEEST EVER!)

  2. Aaaw thank you! ^.^
    I'm glad someone even noticed the music! I'm sure most just pause it lol. But thank you for that compliment too! ^.^