Monday, March 5, 2012

New nails! (and pics)

Last Friday night me and Lisha decided to do some nail art! I don't have any pics of her nail art but I think you can find her nail pics on her blog or on her Facebook. We did them before we went out on Saturday night.

Now Saturday night we had a plan of hanging out at the karaoke lounge in Chinatown but apparently they started carding people at 9:30 p.m. and we had two girls w/ us (Tomo and Sam) who weren't 21 so we couldn't get in!. Of course we were pissed off but we didn't let that stop us! We went out to eat and then went to a friend's apartment and got drunk there lol lol. I didn't take any pics of that and I'm glad I didn't lol.

My nails:

You can't really tell but on the pink nails there is glitter on the tips.
I based my design from a photo I saw on tumblr.
original nail art design:
What I changed from this was I put white cross hatching w/ rhinestones on the thumb and glitter on the tips of the other pink nails. Although this chicks silver/glittery nail is shinier than mine.

These are probably my favorite nail design I've done so far. I can't wait to make more!!

Now on to the pics! They were taken before we headed ot that Saturday night. Tomo was just getting off work so she wasn't in these pics.

Me, Lisha and Sam

yes we all are chillin in the bathroom taking pics lol. There was better lighting there and a big space.


pointin at dat ass lol

Lisha too sexay! ow ow! lol >83

Lisha on crack lol lol <3


  1. Your nails are adorable and those pics are hilarious! :)