Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something's coming my way

I don't post as much as I used to only because nothing is happening that I feel is worth blogging about. I'm currently trying to get things straight in my life with school and work. Hopefully I will be attending the community college here in my area for this semester and then next semester I will be back in Chicago. Gawd I really miss Chicago ToT

I'm also trying to work on my health and getting back in shape. Currently I have been realizing how sensitive my skin is. I have been dealing with a staff infection, which is now gone, eczema on my scalp and then a rash showed up on my forearms! Uuugh the universe seemed to be working against me >w<. But I have went to the dermatologist a few times and gotten some things to help me out. I recently got a shot this week for the rash. And thankfully it is disappearing, my only problem is I don't know what caused it! I guess I just need to be more careful of what I expose myself to.

Other than that I am waiting on a few things in the mail. I ordered some new circle lenses last week! Specifically Princess Mimi Green Apple (Tsubasa Bambi Series). I love green contacts and I have been on the search for a nice pair that will show well on my dark eyes. I'm so excited to recieve them!

I will also be receiving a new phone in the mail! Well it's not really new b/c it's my boyfriends old phone. He had an iphone 3g that he doesn't use anymore and he's going to ship it to me tomorrow! FINALLY I won't be stuck w/ the lame broken down phone I have now.

And one more thing to add to my list....For Halloween this yr I will be Minnie Mouse in a witch costume! I'm not too sure yet on what I'm going to do for a color scheme but I'm liking the purple idea.

I'm also super excited for this coming Halloween b/c I will be traveling back to chicago w/ some friends for a Halloween party at another friends house! I can't wait! I also get to see my bf again! I miss him so much. Long distance relationships are hard fucking work and can take a toll on you emotionally. But I think we are a pretty strong couple. ^.^ 

Tis all fr now folks! ^.^


  1. Ugh i hope your allergy goes away soon >_<!

    I can't wait to see the pictures with your new lenses, bet they'll look stunning with your dark hair and skintone <3333

  2. lol those green apple lenses are so freaking pretty. i wanna order them for my shehulk costume!!!!! =D


  3. @xixi: Thank you! I will also try my best to get better ^.^

    @tomo: i saw you post them on your fb. i was like "that hoe!" lol lol <3