Friday, September 9, 2011

Happie Nuts makes me happy

So I just viewed the september issue of Happie Nuts and I'm completely sold! I was "oooh-ing" and "aahh-ing" all over the place. Beautiful coords, clothes, make up and models!

I noticed some other gals here on blog spot posting their ideal coord or things they want for the fall so I went and did the same. I'm a visual person so when it comes to looking for new clothes and coord idea's I have to see it in front of me or my mind goes crazy lol. A few (well most of them) of the coords I put together were from Happie Nuts's September issue.

 Can I just die happy now!!!? *0* -swoons- <3

Now the middle coord (gal w/ the leopard dress) isn't from the Happie Nuts mag....I think....I dunno lol I just had that coord saved on my desktop. I wanna think it's from Jelly. But anyway I think leopard is making a come back this fall and winter. Even if it isn't I'm going to rock it anyway! >8D

I also made another collage of coord's of non-gal fashion that really inspires me. Although I do see some  gals wearing similar outfits.

These pics I had collected from tumblr or other fashion websites such as Nastygal.

I got so excited when I made these so I do plan to make more. They really are helpful especially for people who have a hard time trying to think of coordinates. Some stores are just overwhelming w/ all the clothes and accessories they have to offer.

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  1. Ah, Happie Nuts is *love*~ I figured this out for myself earlier this year. Every issue I buy/download is so inspiring! The coords in your collage are great; I'm really liking leopard-print accents for Fall. ^ ^

    I need to get a hold of the September issue, since I ended up buying the October issue already. XD As soon as you get a chance to see it, I think you'll also love it~

    Thanks for sharing! ^O^