Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vampires and Anime Expo!? Say whaaaattt!!!

While on my tumblr I see posts everywhere of people talking about how they are so excited for the new season of True Blood. Now I've always wanted to watch it but I didn't have that channel and I would always forget to look it up online. But this time I didn't forget! There's four season's so far and I started at season 1. I don't care how long it's gonna take me because I'm gonna watch it all! I just finished watching the first season tonight! I can honestly say I was hooked after the 3rd episode! I had to know more so I kept watching. Now on to season 2! ^0^ lol

Now about Anime Expo, don't get too excited I'm not there lol >w< BUT my boyfriend is! He's there w/ three other friends of his. I'm super jealous too! I know for a fact my ass is goin next yr! As soon as they start selling the badges for next yr I'mma be on it like white on rice! 

Today though my bf said that he saw some Japanese group broadcasting casting live there to the internet. I googled it and found out it was Nico nico douga (the Japanese youtube) that was broadcasting. I clicked through a few links and then BAM ! I could see people walking around in the dealer's room of Anime Expo! My bf then went over by the booth where they were shooting and I saw him! I'm screamed so loud! lol He wsa on the phone w/ me asking if I could see him and I said "YEAH I SEE YOU! AAAAHHHH!!!" <3 <3 lol Man I wish I could of been there in person ToT

lol I circled his head XD I was telling him not to move so I could screen cap this. Also the words you see  going across were from people posting in the chat that were also watching.

Those anime masks scare the crap out of me. Sephiroth did not look like that! XD lol

I'm going to be watching the streaming tomorrow as well. Gonna imagine myself being there ToT lol

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  1. LOL!!!!!1 OMFG THATS AMAZING! i love those anime masks!!! *0* creepy but beautiful<33