Friday, July 29, 2011

It's been a while

I know, I know I suck at posting but I have some perfectly good reasons for it. Although I still could have informed you all. I'm just so lazy especially during the summer.

Ok so I have been a lot of ups and downs during the end of June up to now. And sadly the downs out weighed the ups. I don't know how to start off about talking about it so I will just number them off.

First of all I have been feeling like the monkey in the middle again w/ friends. We were all cool w/ each other and having a good time! They made my first yr at Columbia College a memorable one. But it seems like just as quick as we came together we also fell a part just as fast. Friends fighting and cursing and I'm just sittin here like "WTF! We were all ok a month ago!" To be honest I felt that the fighting was just one big misunderstanding that got taken way outta hand. So now if and when I go back to school for the fall I'm gonna have to find a way to hang out w/ these friends separately and it's hard enough already when they don't answer their phone often. I don't wanna have to be the person every time to make a move just to hang out and see each other. -sigh- Hopefully things will turn around.

Second, about Columbia College they seem to be screwin w/ me b/c my college advisor doesn't answer her phone and neither are the other ones even though they weren't the person I'm supposed to talk to. I'm very stressed about this b/c apparently there's a hold on my account that won't let me register for classes! And this hold was something I had already taken care of before school ended! Tell me why it's still fucking there!!! >8( When I did get in contact w/ someone (who wasn't my college advisor just some other advisor) all she could tell me was she couldn't discuss this stuff w/ me over the phone and that I would have to come in directly. When she said I almost had a heart attack from anger. I live 5 hours away w/ no money and my parents are already struggling to pay bills. They want me to come up there to talk w/ someone for an hour and then drive 5 hours back home? Are you fucking kidding me!? I'm gonna just keep bothering them until I can get my advisor and if worst comes to worst I will have to take a trip up there.

Third, my boyfriend of 1 yr, 6 months and some days lives in Chicago and b/c I live in St.Louis the whole long distance thing is putting a strain on us.  We aren't on the rocks or anything it's getting emotionally hard everyday the more we spend time away from each other. We are constantly telling each other how we miss each other and a bunch of other lovey dovey stuff. Sometimes I feel like crying but I always catch myself and keep reassuring myself that we will be together again. Though this is where the good part comes in b/c my bf said he would come to a anime convention thats held here in August and we be together then. I'm extremely excited to se him again and I have some friends here who have yet to meet him. <3 <3

Fourth, I thought I was having a problem with acne on my chin but each day it looked more like a bruise or an insect bite. My dad kinda had an idea what it was but wasn't sure so my parents took the hospital. I know it wasn't acne. I have freakin impetigo! Impetigo is a bacterial skin disease that creates blisters on the face or anywhere on the body and is usually more common on children (toddlers). Though I don't wanna scare anyone, I'm fine. It's not that serious and can be cured w/in a week or two. But I'm only day four and I want it gone now! lol The hospital gave me some ointment to put on it and some really big anti biotic pills to take. No matter how big the pills I will take them b/c these little blisters look terrible on my face and they itch and sometimes hurt. Good thing I have Ibuprofen! I'm just stressed out already by other things and getting impetigo was the last thing I needed. :(

Fifth, my family is crazy and not in the good way. I'm not gonna speak too much on this but I will shed some light. I cannot wait to move out. With all these other things stressing me out my family is real good at adding on to it. I can't even have a conversation w/ my father w/ out getting into an argument and disagreement. Like it could be over something so frivolous yet my dad will take it to the next level. Now I will admit that I have some anger management issues but I know who I inherited it from....HIM! My mom is the same way though not as bad. I just really want to be free. v.v

These are among the few things that have been happening thus far. I know it isn't anything exciting but I felt like you guys should know that I'm not avoiding blogspot on purpose and it also feels better to get my feelings out. I'm trrying to stay optimistic about things so you guys should too. Don't linger on the past and move forward. (I like that line but it's easier said than done XP)


  1. I know you can work through this nami! Life has its up and downs its our job to live through them cause trouble doesn't last.

  2. Aaaww thank you for words Lolo! I appreciate it! ^.^

  3. you need to break free mama!! keep your head up and stay optimistic! when ur family is stressin you out like that, leave the house & take long walks to clear your mind<3

    lol also when you say columbia friends are you talking about me lish krystal and amara? youre not the monkey in the middle silly goose! lol if you hang with them i wont be mad!! im not immature like that XD it doesnt matter to me! and i think its for the best that you hang with us seperatly lmao, cuz i might end up in jail