Friday, July 29, 2011

New things and Ideas

I just wanted to share w/ you all some new sandals my mom gave to me I think about a week or two ago. I have to wear them...too scared to mess them up lol

I dunno if you can tell but they are also sparkly.

I also forgot to mention these. They are also new but I was weary of them at first. But when I put them on it felt like heaven on my feet! lol So they are here to stay!

I would like to practice my gal make up more but due to this skin rash (impetigo) on my face I have to avoid putting on for now. uuugghhh it puts a bit of a damper on me. No fun v.v Although I can't do make up right now I thought of being creative and make some nail designs. I was gonna buy a set from Sally's and paint and glue away. I have a lot of ideas and a lot of my inspo comes from gal nails and nail designs I see on tumblr!

There are some nails I would rather just get done by a professional only because I don't have the tools or certain skills to make them such as these:

She has some amazing designs! You should check out her tumblr:

I also like nails that look somewhat abstract or "artsy".  I just love all the little designs you paint on yourself.

I just like the splattered paint look. I wouldn't put black over though.

I think this style is called "Marbeling" I love it!

Those flowers look like cherry blossoms!

I like all of these nails but of course I would want them longer. I don't do short nails lol Unless I worked somewhere that requires me to have short nails. Just thinking about creating nails designs is getting me all excited! lol I can't wait to start!


  1. I love those sandals! and this post has given me a bunch of new ideas