Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cannabis Queen

So I just want to let you all in on a little story about my life from the past til now.

 Back in the day, lets say around 2006 when I was a sophomore in high school. A guy I was dating at the time introduced me into weed. At that time I already had preconceived notions about it. You know those commercials with those deflated people that were "high" and couldn't do anything with their lives? Well those influenced me and so I thought you know maybe it wasn't such a good idea but alas peer pressure took over and I had my first puff. But sadly that one puff backfired. literally four minutes later I ran to the bathroom and threw up my food I had just eaten before hand. After that experience I was done. Never again. AND THEN those same guys I had smoked with (not my ex though) had gotten high and decided it was a good idea to rob a t-mobile outlet store. They through a brick though the window and just wound up being arrested. Then my thoughts on it were even worse and continued to grow into negativity. From that point on in my head only delinquents smoked weed.


Some years later like around 2008 I met the love of my life, my current bf.  Found out he was a smoker, a weed smoker. At first I was like "ew" but then I got over it as long as he never did it around me. And at this time a whole lot of my friends I had met online (Tomo, Lisha, Kira Kira, etc...) came out of the wood work and told me they smoked too. I seriously felt like "ok well ya'll do you and Imma do me...without weed" lol. THEN When I went to Chicago for school and me and Tomo became roommates I met a lot more people through her who also smoked. They never really bragged about it they just said they did it a few times and enjoyed it. Of course I felt some kind of way because for some years I had this image in my mind of who smoked weed and why it was bad. But the more people I met that told me they smoked they started breaking down that negative stereotype. A lot of them had jobs or multiple jobs, they weren't deflated (lol), they had ambitions in life, went to school, graduated already, nice clothes, really cool to be around. My world kind of shifted but even then I still didn't want to smoke. I was just ok with others doing it and didn't think negatively of them for doing it.


2013 rolls around and a lot happened, stuff like family changes, friends coming and going, school being rough.....and me making the decision to finally try smoking again. It was sometime in June that I tried it again with my bf. I did it and and didn't throw up...with the first puff lol. Second time I hit it harder than I should have and wound up throwing up again. But after I threw up I was high as fuck. I dunno what happened but I was on cloud nine. And instead of being disgusted by it I wanted to do it again! But next time take smaller puffs, especially since I was still a noob at smoking. Ever since then it was like a match made in paradise. I actually went on a research spree to learn more about weed b/c all I really knew still was....really nothing. I watched documentaries on it too. The more knowledge I collected the more those negative walls I had built fell down. And even more people came out and told me they smoked too, people I wouldn't dream of thinking smoked. Hell I saw a cop the other day smoking (although I believe he shouldn't be while on the job but hey a chill cop is the best ind of cop lol lol lol lol). I would just like others to know who were like me in the past to know that weed isn't used only by "bad" people or "hippies" and that there are legit medical benefits to it. Everyday people, neighbors, friends, business men and women, monks, spiritual leaders and mother monster Gaga! lol...everybody and anybody can smoke it. And all honestly I rather people smoke weed than slowly kill themselves with tobacco (of which helped killed my grandfather). Of course there's going to be those knuckle heads that smoke but I don't think about them and they don't think about me. What they do isn't my business. I'm not going to sit here and say "GO SMOKE WEED!" I'm just letting you know about my story and maybe if you want to that it's ok. I still have friends that don't smoke and I respect their choices too. It's all about respect really. I also wanted to tell this story b/c I feel that ever since I started smoking I have had a better head on my shoulders and calms my anxiety and nerves...and body. Well yeah. Thats all. Love and peace my lovelies.

Gaga ass weed for Halloween lol

( To those who take offense to this post just pretend you didn't see it and move on :) )

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